High Stakes Casino – A Guide to Big Bets Online

To play high limits casino games in an appealing atmosphere, you don’t necessarily have to head to your nearest casino. Whilst most gambling houses offer some tables with high limits, at their internet based counterparts, live casinos offer a plethora of benefits:

  • Live game with a real-life dealer or croupier
  • Deposit large sums safely
  • The thrill of apply limits of up to £100,000

This page doesn’t stop at outlining the important topics related to playing real money games online – we’ve included points of interest such as the providers with the highest limits and where to go to safely transfer large amounts online. People playing high stakes games

What are the Advantages for High Stakes Players

VIP players needn’t only find preferential treatment in bricks and mortar casinos, online casinos have gone to some effort to take care of their best customers, treating their members to a uniquely privileged service, around the clock.

Personal Account Manager Being a VIP member opens the door to some great benefits. Having a personal account manager at your beck and call to answer any queries and requests is a particularly useful perk. This happens in a timely manner, since instead of waiting for customer service to find a solution, your account manager deals with it with the utmost priority.

Exclusive Invitations Major players are invited to equally major events, from world-class sporting events to the hottest tickets in town at exclusive restaurants or to concerts. VIP members can typically enjoy exclusive treatment with first class flights or limousine service, all taken care of by their account manager.

Preferred Payment Processing Being involved in the VIP programme means conditions for withdrawals are much improved, your payments are prioritised, and pay-out limits are also typically bigger.

The advantages don’t stop there, it’s common to find improved cashback rates which lend themselves to more comp points as well as exclusive bonuses and the opportunity to join high roller tournaments. Check out our top-rated sites in the main casino overview for more info on their regular bonuses or to visit the casinos directly for details on VIP schemes.

The Casino with the Highest Table Limits: 888 Casino

Overview of the Highest Table Limits at 888 Casino
Games High Stake Simple Chances
Roulette £10,000 £3,000
Card Games High Stake Side Bets
Blackjack £15,500 £2,500
Sic Bo £10,000 £100
Baccarat £15,000 £2,000

888 Casino is hands down, the name in high table limits online. With stakes topping £15,000, we challenge you to find a casino offering more. The table to the right lists the games most appealing to high rollers; there’s high stakes roulette on offer for £15,000. Our prime focus is indeed live games, however what makes this high stakes casino stand out is not only for having the most impressive live games table limits, but high limits across its entire casino games packages. 

888 Casino have opted for market leader of iGaming software development Evolution Gaming to power their games. Partnership with Evolution Gaming guarantees high quality, and, browsing their games catalogue, you won’t be left wanting – with high-definition games and the most immersive graphics. Their link to bricks and mortar casinos in the UK will also appeal to more traditional players. For tech savvy players, there’s also the option to play on the go with mobile apps optimised for iOS and Android, and, what’s more, live games are also available mobile.

888 Casino VIP club
  • Flexible table limits
  • Stakes up to £15,000
  • High Deposit Limits

Different Types of Table Limits

Live Roulette The table limits for this popular game can be explained in simple terms. Take, for example, the £15,000 maximum Live Roulette limit: this refers to the total stakes for the coup (all bets placed at one time). The individual limit, which is the limit on your personal bet, depends on the type of bet. For example, simple chances are limited to a maximum of £5,000.

Live Card Games The main thing to be aware of with card games is that there are two types of table limits. The main bet or ante when the game begins has a maximum stake, as do all remaining side bets, which are typically much lower than the ante bet. Additional details on live gambling are located in our live gaming guide, covering a range of games.

Table limits – Online Casinos vs Land Based Casinos

To get the general idea of the differences between the usage limits of online and land-based casinos, we’ve laid out their typical characteristics which, depending on the player, may be advantageous or disadvantageous.

Online Casinos

In online casinos the table limits are generally somewhat lower because of the financial riskWithout the range of overheads absorbed by bricks and mortar gambling houses, the online business model has a better costs structure, which leads to higher profits. This means they can afford larger, shall we say riskier bets as well as bets which won’t be as cost-effective, those with lower betting limits. Gala Casino, for example, has games with low limits as well as taking the riskier of higher limits games.

  • Table usage limits differ
  • Very low limits available
  • Can afford riskier, higher limits bets

Aside from the clear benefits to high rollers, a nifty feature of these high-tech online suites is that it’s now possible to tip your dealer if you wish to do so.

Land Based Casinos

In richtigen Spielbanken hingegen werden meistens die hoechstens TischlimitsThe choice of limits in-house is comparatively limited to playing online. Bet minimums can be lower than 1 pound, which is ideal for getting the hang of the gaming before going full pelt, the only problem being, there isn’t the clientele at these casinos to warrant high table limits.

  • Roulette table limits typically between £1 and £100
  • Play blackjack from £5 up to £100 per game
  • Higher limits possible by arrangement

There are of course some more exclusive casinos which offer high stakes gambling. Up market casinos will accept stakes per hand into the thousands, and at their exclusive ‘Salles privés’ (private rooms), a minimum stake of £1 million can be expected.

Why Not Offer Unlimited Table Limits?

To be frank, most casinos simply can’t afford to offer unlimited tables. Limiting the stakes is purely a matter of risk management. Let’s face it – what could be more embarrassing than a casino that can’t to afford to pay the player? There’s not only the matter of being able to pay out winnings, but since they are a profit-oriented industry, limiting losses in general is high on their agenda to keep their shareholders happy.

Casinos know all the tricks in the book when it comes to working your advantage. Take the roulette table and the strategy of Martingale as an example. All in all, Martingale isn’t a great problem for casinos because for one, players would need unlimited funds, and the games have zero limits for players to profit from this strategy. Again, their interest lies in having the ability to pay out a high roller, and with the balances from no-limit games rising to multi-digit millions, the prospect of paying out an entire year’s profit for one evening is simply not an option.

Suitable Payment Methods for High Rollers

To get started playing for big money, you’re inevitably going to want to charge up your casino account with funds to suit your style of play. Payment methods and deposit limits vary from casino to casino, and we’ve shopped around to find an operator with the best combination of both. E-wallet PayPal might be particularly interesting for high rollers due to its unmatched processing speed and reliability. Gala Casino was our stand-out choice, offering unlimited deposits across a range of payment options.

The payment methods with the highest deposit limits at Gala Casino

The information above certainly isn’t the standard amongst online casinos and makes for pretty impressive reading. Casinos typically limit individual deposits, with caps of £1,000 on debit cards typically in place to limit the possibility of debit card fraud. There’s also the matter of e-wallets – casinos can reduce transfer from the Paysafecard and Paypal to just £100, which won’t get you far in a high stakes game.

Betting Big – Considerations Before Upping the Ante

No matter how large the amount being played is, playing at safe casino is paramount, and the safety of your money should be the most important factor to consider, regardless size of the stake.

Casino Integrity Not all operators offering high limits are legitimate. Consider whether it’s a well-known name in the industry, or in any case, do they have the right licences? If they’re new on the scene, a licence from the UKGC and monitored games from the likes of regulating bodies such as eCOGRA are a good sign that they’re meeting the industry standards.

Read the T&Cs! Pay close attention to the fine details to avoid any unwanted surprises. We’ve got a whole page dedicated to spoting and avoiding scams , where you’ll find tips on playing in a secure environment and keeping your money safe.

Responsible Gambling should be your personal priority, since that’s the thing you control. Having more funds at your disposal won’t protect you from problem gambling. High limits players may have developed their play to pushing to the highest limits thus it makes no difference in losing £5,000 or £50,000. Nevertheless, this style of play can lead not only financial but also personal problems, and, if possible, should be detected and overcome before the worst-case scenario.

Our Alternative High Roller Casino

There are plenty of outlets offering live casino games with a range of betting limits. If you’re keen to shop around we recommend William Hill. This casino powerhouse is not only one of the longest established outlets in the business, they’re also a family run enterprise accepting stakes up to £25,000 a hand of blackjack and accept a whopping £75,000 a spin on roulette. These figures are bound to pique the most discerning of high rollers’ interests, and what’s more, you won’t find many more live games than at BetVictor’s whopping live casino suite, with games to satisfy the most insatiable live games appetite.