The Best Online Roulette Casinos with Live and Mobile Play

Roulette is perhaps the best-known casino game in the world, stemming from its long-standing presence in gambling halls and a huge following of dedicated players. With the digital developments of the last decade or so, you can now play this game online as well, with hundreds of casino choices. Nevertheless, not all casinos were created equal. So here are some elements that good online roulette sites have in common:

On this page we’ll give you all you need to know about the above-mentioned factors as well as other tell-tale signs of a good roulette site. You’ll learn about the classic games as well as modern variants, get an overview of odds and of table limits, and an insight into playing live and mobile roulette. Related topic such as the rules, facts or strategies also follow.

Where to Find the Best Roulette Casino

We’ve picked some of our favourite casinos as the best sites you can visit for a fantastic online roulette experience. You may be familiar with some of them – though we can’t help pointing out some of the sweet deals and highlights available at all these sites.

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Each of these online gambling destinations offers a welcome package for new players – and that with some of the best bonus conditions we could find! – as well as some other perks and extras. As far as roulette games go, you will find all favourites right here, including the thrilling Multiwheel Roulette. High roller rewards are also on the menu, and the live gaming options on these sites will leave nothing to be desired, either. Take a look and choose your fave!

Criteria for a Good Online Roulette Casino

There are some tips and tricks that might come in handy when selecting the right casino where you can play roulette online without any stress or worry. After all, there are hundreds if not thousands of online casino operators, so it’s always a good choice to dedicate a bit of time to making sure you land at a good and reputable site that won’t misuse or mishandle your status as a player in any way, shape or form and provide you with the best entertainment possible.

That’s why you should look for a site with ample choice in roulette games, including classics as well as more modern highlights. There ought to be a wide range of table limits to choose from, so that not only low-stakes players but also high rollers come into their element with an elevated betting standard. Being able to make use of live dealer games and to play on a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet is another must-have of any modern casino.

Bonus schemes are likewise something to keep an eye on – there are various welcome packages and existing player perks and extras out there, so it’s tremendously important to choose one that fits you best. Look for an online roulette casino that lets you use your bonuses on online and/or live roulette as well and includes at least 10% wagering contribution. Last, but definitely not least, proper licensing and regulation is the alpha and the omega of any good casino. Look for the seal of the UK Gambling Commission – UKGC-licensed casinos follow all up-to-date UK regulations and monitoring standards, so you will be in good hands. For more details on which casino is best for online roulette, visit

Five things to consider when choosing a roulette casino

Games for all Preferences: From Classic to Innovative Variants

No matter if you play online roulette on the regular or seldom – you’ll surely find a game and variant that fits your expectations to a T. As you might already know, this table classic has several versions, the most popular being the typical choices of French, European and American roulette. There are only slight differences in the layout between the three, though they reflect significantly on your chance to win, French roulette being the most advantageous due to the ‘la partage’ rule, while the American variant causes a bigger house edge due to the presence of an additional wheel slot – the double zero.

Newer roulette variants include creations like Multiwheel Roulette, where you can play up to six wheels at once or 3D roulette, a table with cutting-edge smooth graphics that give your experience an incredibly life-like feel. Then there’s the Dragon Roulette, a spin-off of a jackpot-roulette type of game. You’ll find plenty of roulette games suitable for a betting strategy, too, for instance, the Paroli betting system.

Authentic Experience with Live Roulette

If the above choices aren’t for you, you might be a fan of playing live roulette at some of the most outstanding live dealer suites hosted by renowned industry providers such as Playtech or Evolution Gaming. Experienced and friendly croupiers will keep you company throughout, and you’ll also have a choice of languages and multiple tables to sit at. Apart from the providing classic roulette games, tables or rooms are subdivided according to the betting limits available, with choices reaching high rollers and ‘regular’ players alike. Some casinos may even offer specials during on particular days or times, so extras can be scooped up if you’re a keen roulette gambler.

On the one hand, live dealer roulette might take a bit longer than the standard online casino roulette, which doesn’t work in favour of those of us with less patience. As in a real brick-and-mortar casino, you’ll have to wait it out until the croupier calls out closing bets, in contrast with casino roulette where you can spin on command. Also, there is no RNG software involved in live dealer roulette – the numbers fall as you see them, with the wheel and the ball being spun in opposing directions by the croupier. Unlike in virtual roulette and like in real-life casino, live suites give you the chance to interact with other players via chat or place side bets. If you are interested in virtual roulette, and the myriad casino games offered in the classic casino, head to our casino games overview.

Live Roulette Online: Preview of Games and Live Suites

Table Limits

Examples of Table Limits at Betfair
Penny Roulette £0.01 – £20
NewAR Roulette £0.10 – £50
3D Roulette £0.10 – £50
3D Roulette Premium £0.10 – £250
American Roulette £0.10 – £50
European Roulette £0.10 – £50
Dragon Roulette £0.10 – £50
Premium French Roulette £0.10 – £50
Live Betfair Roulette £0.10 – £500
Live Prestige Roulette £0.10 – £500

There’s typically some range in table limits in every major online casino – you’ll find pretty much everything, from wagers as low as few pence all the way to high-hitting digits in the hundreds or thousands. This tends to be the sites’ way to placate not only low-stakes gamblers but also those who can and do spend a bit more. There are some roulette tables accepting bets as low as 1p, such as Penny Roulette, while the the upper betting borders range from £500 to £2,000, depending on the casino and the game provider.

That being said, the word “variety” is to be applied accross the industry – you’ll find casinos that are more conservative with their limits, but there will also other sites where the upper limit goes way beyond these amounts. Apart from the ‘standard’ table limits, special provisions for VIP players and high rollers also exist, giving players access to exclusive high limit tables. In many cases you only become aware of the VIP betting ranges once you become one yourself. In these cases, casinos may choose to give general limits to all high rollers while some may award higher limit possibilities based on VIP tier for casinos where multiple high roller memberships exist.

Mobile Roulette: Let the Wheels Spin while on the Move

Another perk of living in the digital era is the possibility to play on the go – an avenue well explored by many major casinos that nowadays offer state-of-the art mobile software and latest HTML5 technology to their users. Though not as popular as mobile slots, mobile roulette is still enjoyed by countless players daily – online roulette casinos offer at least a few game variants and include a user-friendly, optimised layout that works well with your smartphone or tablet screen with features such as smart navigation, simplified commands and crisp graphics.

Examples of mobile roulette on smartphones

While you play, you’ll usually be able to switch between different types of table views as well, and live roulette tables are usually on offer too, with HD quality audio and streaming where you haven’t go to sacrifice anything. For more info on live dealer online games, check out our live casino guide!

Roulette Odds at a Glance

As we’ve already noted, there are three basic types: European, French and American roulette. The biggest difference between the two former types and the latter is the presences of a double zero slot on the wheel – which is present on the American version of the game. How did this difference come about? You can find out that and many more interesting tidbits on our facts page dedicated to this game.

The wheel layout leads to some differences in the house edge and thus, inversely, your chances to win. You’ll note that the US variant is the least advantageous for you, while French roulette fares quite well. As an example of a modern virtual game, Mini Roulette uses a smaller wheel with only 13 numbers and limits the types of bets you can make. Simple chances provide the biggest likelihood of a win across the board. We explain the rules of roulette in more detail in our guide.

Overview of Common Roulette Types and Their Chances
Chance of Win Simple Chances, e.g. Red/Black Plein/ Single Cheval/Split Trio, e.g. 0, 1, 2 Corner/Square Transversale/ Six Line Bet Column/Dozen House Edge
French Roulette 48.65% 2.70% 5.41% 8.11% 10.81% 16.22% 32.43% 2.70%
American Roulette 47.37% 2.63% 5.26% 7.89% 10.53% 15.79% 31.58% 5.26%
Mini Roulette 46.15% 7.69% 15.38% 23.08% 30.77% 46.15% 7.69%

Playing for Free: Practice Mode and No-Registration Gaming

Playing free online roulette is also an option for those who would like to get the hang of the game before they start playing for real cash. There you’ll get a lump sum of ‘play money’ that you can spend as you wish, or reload in case the going gets tough and you end up at 0. Most major casinos offer free practice play to registered members – you’ll just need to browse the available games for a ‘practice play’ tag or enter the casino’s ‘Play money’ section in case free gaming is offered separately. Some casinos, such as Ladbrokes, for example, even offer this games for free without prior registration, so there’s really nothing standing between you and few free spins!