Where to Play Blackjack Online: Our Guide

Intrigued by this popular card game? Then choose the right casino for your gaming experience!

As an aspiring or existing player, it is crucial to pick wisely where you will go to play, as there is a huge range of online casinos offering this card game casino staple. That’s why you should look out for several elements when you play blackjack online:

On this page we’ve done the dirty work for you and we’re ready to present to you the best of the best when it comes to online blackjack casinos. We’ll guide you through our specific selection criteria and give you some useful tips as well. Apart from this, we have a whole lot of thrilling related topics for you. You can browse though informationa pages about game facts, key terminology, advanced betting strategies, various game variants as well as this games’s movie and book interpretations.

The Best Blackjack Casinos

Without further ado, here are our operator favourites where you can play play blackajack online without sacrificing many preferences!

* T&Cs apply to each of the offers. Click “Play Now!” for more details. Please gamble responsibly! You must be 18+

As you can see, generous welcome bonuses are to be had at each of our top 3 casinos, so new players have a lot to look forward to. We will assess each of these bonuses in greater detail further down page, so stick around for the nitty-gritty of each offer, including wagering contributions and play-throughs. All of these providers also offer fantastic live casino suites powered by industry giants like Evolution Gaming and Playtech, and offer interesting variants such as Pontoon, Stravaganza or 21 Duel. Find more info by following our links and claim your bonus in just a few easy steps!

Casino Criteria at a Glance

When choosing the right site for playing blackjack online, there are some crucial elements to consider in order to get the most bank for your buck as well as play at a reliable and modern casino.

Live casino lobby view

Live Tables

Any online casino worth its salt should offer a live gaming suite with a good selection of games and tables. This is especially true for blackjack which, as perhaps the most prominent and played card game out there, ought to have a long list of tables as well as variants with lower and higher betting limits. Superb quality is a must, as are experienced and friendly dealers.

Game selection - casino lobby

Rich Game Selection

A wide range of games is a must, and live blackjack tables cannot miss from any repultable online casino, either. Besides the classic variant, a site that offers interesting and modern twists on this game will be a good choice, no matter if you are a new or a seasoned player. Look for intriguing variants like 21 Duel, Switch, or Progressive Blackjack to spruce up your gaming experience!

Bonus conditions with wagering contributions, close-up

Casino Bonuses

Become a pro at spotting good bonuses! Important to consider here is not only the total amount of the (typically) deposit bonus, but also wagering requirements, as well as the percentage of your wagers that are contributed to specific games. Look for a bonus that contributes 10% or more to online blackjack – though our top casinos go as far as 20% or even 50%!

A game of blackjack on a mobile phone

Mobile Blackjack

Gambling on a phone or a tablet is a fantastic way to enjoy blackjack while on the move, with simplified commands and navigation and an interface that makes the most out of your limited screen – though, of course, tablets are better off in this regard. Many major casinos boast a decent selection of games (a trend that is growing), and the live suite is typically available in full as well.

Live Blackjack: Play with a Real Dealer!

There are obvious benefits to exploring this live gaming platforms at one of our recommended casinos. You get the chance to play with real dealers in real time and in a professional casino setting, bringing you as close as you can get to a brick-and-mortar casino experience without ever having to leave your home. Some other notable differences to playing a regular game session is that live tables eschew the random number generator software used for casino games since the decks used in live games are actual, hand-shuffled cards. The use of real card decks might also give you a chance to try and count the cards, in case you’re up for making use of this common blackjack strategy.

Additionally, you have numerous tables to switch between if you wish, or some casinos may even offer the chance to play several tables at the same time with a multi-tab tool. You can also cross over to other table or card live games and mix your blackjack experience a bit with some roulette or other offered games. Side bets and bet behinds are also available. We look into more details on live gaming in our dedicated guide, which will tell you more about particular providers and best live games.

When playing with live dealers at any of our recommended casinos, you will find that the live gaming software used in of the utmost quality, with HD, crisp picture, no lagging or glitches and a fantastic audio quality. Cutting-edge and award-winning providers like Evolution Gaming and Playtech are used at many other major casinos, such as Casumo, for instance.

Special Blackjack Promotions and Bonuses

Before we get into the topic of welcome bonuses, you should also know that there are some fantastic blackjack promotions you can take advantage or at various casinos. Some major sites may offer limited-time specials or similar seasonal offers. For instance, 888casino has a signature 888Xtra table where you can win cash bonuses between 1pm and 1am, but there may also be seasonal specials up for grabs for live casino games. The best way to go here is check the current promotions which you will usually find in the ‘Promotions’ section of a casino, giving you a roundup of the current deals. On the other hand, there are some operators that offer a separate welcome bonus for live games, which may or may not be used alongside a welcome package. Such a bonus would also be applicable to live blackjack, giving you something extra to wager with.


Welcome Package 101: Blackjack Bonuses

Let’s explore another facet of online blackjack that we’ve already hinted at: casino welcome bonuses. As you surely know, many casinos offer welcome packages to new players, giving you something extra to work with, typically done as a match to your deposited amount. Though bonuses vary, you will typically see something between 100% and 200% of your deposit being credited back to you – but a cashout is conditional upon you satisfying the wagering requirements, i.e. how many time you must wager your bonus and/or deposit. Here is where wagering contributions become crucial – in other words, how much of your wagered money goes towards the cashout requirement if you play different games. While slots typically enjoy a 100% contribution, blackjack has a lower percentage. Here is what our top 3 sites are working with.

Our Top 3 Casino Bonuses in Detail
Contribution towards wagering requirements . . .
Bonus amount *£100 *£300 *£100
Play-throughs 20x bonus + deposit 40x bonus + deposit 30x bonus
Number of blackjack games 10 + 2 live variants (with multiple tables) 13 + 2 live variants (with multiple tables) 6 + 4 live variants (with multiple tables)
Additional information Five games excluded Pontoon or Switch only 5% Including live tables
Detailed review Betfair Casino Review William Hill Casino Review 888casino Review

* T&Cs apply to each of the offers. Click links above for more details. Please gamble responsibly! You must be 18+

As you can see, there is one casino that has a clear advantage above the others. Nevertheless, let’s not forget that, even in this case, there are exceptions to this wagering percentage – namely as regards the variants Pontoon, Surrender, Switch, Zero Blackjack and Stravaganza. Still, there is plenty to dig your teeth into with the included rest of the games!

Mobile Gambling for Those on the Go

Playing portably is an online casino advancement that is particularly in tune with the times, and this way of gambling lets you take the boredom out of countless moments while out and about. It’s true that the number of games might not be as big on a portable device as on a desktop – this may be due to some games still lacking proper formatting for smaller devices, if we were forced to guess. Nevertheless, even though you’re typically looking at a reduced offer of blackjack games, the move towards making the most of mobile platforms also increasingly forces operators to expand their mobile repertoire as well, so we have hopes that casinos will keep adding more games with time. One casino that stands out in terms of their mobile blackjack offer is Mr. Green, whose separate review will give you more details. On the upside, most renowned casinos do retain their full live gaming suite in a mobile platform, too, so your live dealer gaming should go largely unchanged.

There are two common formats for hosting casino apps – downloadable and browser-based – and a casino may choose to provide one or both of these. In short, a downloadable app gives you software customised for your device, while a HTML5-based browser app can be started simply by accessing the site and is thus less device-restricted. For more details on how online casinos developed to their current form, including mobile apps, head over to our brief overview of online casino trends.

Availability of Apps Based on Format
Format Android Smartphones Android Tablets iPhones iPads Windows Phones Blackberrys
Download Typically supported (website) Typically supported (website) Typically supported (website + iStore) Typically supported (website + iStore) Seldom supported Seldom supported
Web app Typically supported Typically supported Typically supported Typically supported Sometimes supported Sometimes supported

No matter which game you choose, smart and efficient picture adjustments and compact navigation will make the most of you screen space with each type of app, whether native or browser-based. The HD quality and super audio is there to there to stay, especially with streaming provided by industry darlings like Playtech or Evolution.

Mobile Blackjack: Playing the Card Classic on the Go

Where to Play Blackjack for Free

If you’d like to get your bearings first before you commit by playing for real cash, we’d recommend you try out your game of choice for free first. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t! Most casinos do indeed have free practice play for most games, with some even offering a registration-free variant. Check out Betfair if you’d like go get familiar with the rules and the environment in an excellent practice play session!

Tips for Beginners

Once you’ve had enough of practice mode and are ready to bet real money on your cards, you can follow our simple beginners guide to playing blackjack online. Here are the basic tips that will help you get there. Preview of the blackjack strategy chart

Start with the classics As a newbie, it’s best to not get ahead of yourself and explore all the games at once. Our advice is to stick to the basic rules variant, which, apart from being wonderfully thrilling is actually also still the most popular variant out there. Once you feel more at home, graduate to other variants – and let us tell you, there’s no shortage of those, either!

Use a strategy chart One quick way to get the hang of the basic strategies that will help you determine your next move is to use a chart, pictured here on the right. You’ll typically have enough time to check the chart when playing in an online casino or a live online table. What you do is find your hand along the left side vertical edge and the dealer’s card along the horizontal edge on top to determine the best recommended action. Check out our advanced blackjack strategies guide to move on from newbie to pro!

No insurance or side bets In the case of these two options, you’re always looking at bigger house edge and therefore a higher loss for you. For instance, a typical house edge at classic blackjack may lie at 0.5%, while a side bet may increase this to a whopping 10%!

Choose the right bonus We should reiterate how important it indeed is to take a close look at what you’re actually getting with your welcome bonus. Wagering contributions vary wildly, and this will greatly affect your chance to actually use any of your welcome package on this card game. Also keep an eye on more targeted bonuses, extras or specials, such as a separate live casino bonus or game-related blackjack promotions.